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Are you Getting Maximum Results from your online business? I offer a variety of business coaching and consulting programs, plus online automation software, as well as online education and training resources dedicated to helping you achieve your online goals.

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Areas Of Expertise

Speaker / Trainer

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been speaking in 7 countries from Hong Kong to South Africa, From the UK to the USA and Canada. We specialize in creating six-figure small events and selling world-class high ticket programs. Contact me for help with increasing your event closing numbers.

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Business Coach / Mentor / Author

With more than 150 international coaching students that I’ve helped create and grow online businesses for, as your business coach and mentor I can help crystallize your goals, guide you in the right direction, and shortcut your success based on my 20 years of experience online…

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Angel Investor

As an angel investor and entrepreneur myself, I understand both sides of the table. I can think like an investor or business owner, which offers a valuable advantage when dealing with either side of the conversation… Looking to raise money for your venture? Contact me to learn the nuances of maximizing your chances of funding success…

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As an active philanthropist, I’ve raised and donated over $125,000 to worth charities worldwide. “I see business as a great vehicle for giving back, and I love to create win-win scenarios for doing this…”  As a result of past philanthropic activities, I’ve been invited to spend time on Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson and build homes in Haiti.

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Power of Decision

With Richard Branson on Necker Island I share this story because it illustrates the very important power of DECISION in our lives. Years ago, I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel about Richard Branson's private Caribbean island in the British Virgin Islands...

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The Power of Intention

  The Power of Intention   These are some thoughts and ideas I recently wrote down after listening to a powerful audiobook called Parallel Universes of Self, which I highly recommend, along with Power Vs. Force. Both are excellent and I recommend them...

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The Internet Lifestyle

The internet has forever changed our lives, and has made it possible for thousands of people around the world to create incomes and real businesses online, and run them from anywhere in the world. The term 'The Internet Lifestyle' may sound cliche, but for many people...

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