The Power of Intention


These are some thoughts and ideas I recently wrote down after listening to a powerful audiobook called Parallel Universes of Self, which I highly recommend, along with Power Vs. Force.

Both are excellent and I recommend them highly.

WARNING This may be considered a bit ‘Woo Woo’ by some, but there are powerful truths below.

Below are the highlights, as well as some further thoughts which I thought were very interesting and can be impactful to your results, if you use them.


Highlights From Audiobooks:


“You are not responsible for the how. You are responsible for what you radiate as your ‘self’.”

“You are source. Not ‘reality’.”

“Manifestation is irrelevant. Be the person for which the reality is already real.”

“The world has nothing to give you. It merely shows you what you are giving yourself.”

“Reality equals observing reality”

Practice “Beingness

“Being very very very clear as to what you want, is the first step towards reality creation.”

“Don’t use contradictory intentions, it interrupts the work of the infinite field.”

“Infinity is like a copy machine that reflects your vibratory intention…”

“Reality creation happens with giving up expectations, limiting beliefs and obstacles.”

“Things you want have already been created. Relax to allow them to find you and stop blocking them.”

“The only thing between you and happiness is resistance.”

“Desire is not the issue. It is in eliminating resistance.”

“There is no difference in manifesting something small than something big. Infinity knows no boundaries.”

“The real deep experiences are on the path to manifestation, not the manifestation itself.”

“You already contain all realities. You just need to shift to a parallel world with a new vibratory alignment and synchronicity.”

“What you want does not come to you, but from you. You are in control.”

“The words Reaction and Creation are by definition opposite.”

“Stop reacting and see it as what you are creating, and then change it.”

“You can change anything anytime. Even the most dire circumstances can be labeled as ‘Unfolding to accommodate my desires’

“You cannot have what you want. You can only have what you are and are in alignment with.”

“The words attention and intention reveal the secret to reality creation.”

“Acknowledge the difference between observer and experiencer.”

“Belief has a powerful effect on reality.”


How To ‘Practice’ Intentionality

My Related Thoughts and Ideas:

Don’t give something your attention without your Intention.

The Observer gives Attention.

The Experiencer practices Intention.

Giving a desired outcome your powerful Intention brings you closer to the outcome.

Giving an outcome (good or bad) your Attention only makes you aware of it, and may bring even an undesired outcome closer to you.

You drive direction with your Intentions and deep desires. Most people don’t do this, and allow other people’s Intentions to influence their Attention and their life. Experiences.

Solution:  Practice using clear Intentions more. Be the driver not the passenger of your life.
Believe the outcome exists now and the ‘how’ is unfolding to match your beliefs and strongest intentions.

Become a Conscious Creator


Here is something I came up with called ‘The Conscious Creator’ and is from our book Click and Grow Rich

The Three Simple Steps of the ‘Intention to Experience’ Process


1.  It all starts with Desire, which dictates Direction towards the Experience you wish to have.

2.  Then you add your Intentionality, which drives you towards your Experience.

We use our desires to frame our intentions, we use Intentionality Thinking to create the experiences that we desire. You set a clear Intention to set the proverbial wheels in motion.

3.  The third and final step, which is really powerful — is using Inevitability Thinking.

What would you have to do, or what would have to happen, so that the desired outcome becomes INEVITABLE. Think about that for a moment…

By asking better questions… And asking ‘How do I’ vs.  ‘Is it Possible’ you’ll get better answers.

I’ve used this 3-step process with great results in the past, including ‘Winning’ a contest 10 years ago, and beating out 200 of the top internet marketers in the world, using these ideas.

Watch the video below: