I share this story because it illustrates the very important power of decision in our lives.

Years ago, I watched a show on the Discovery Channel about Richard Branson’s amazing private Caribbean island in the BVI’s called Necker Island.

I said to myself, that if I ever had the chance to go, I would have to go…

About a year later, the opportunity mysteriously appeared through a business group I was a member of called the Maverick Business Adventures. My excitement was soon met with disappointment, when I discovered that the price to attend this 5-day event with Mr. Branson was $45,000 to go.

Our business was going well, and truthfully I could have put this together but “reason and common sense” soon set in, and I let my self-talk and “rational” mind win the day, with thoughts of  “I can’t possibly justify spending this kind of money on this” and so I didn’t go…

But I regretted it all year… and I saw pictures of my friends who did go, and how much fun it was for them

Then, about the same time next year they decided to do the trip again.

And again, my initial excitement about having ‘another chance’ to go was soon met with more self-talk about “The economy is bad, our business is down, what will people think if I spend $45,000 on this…”

Even though the money was for his charity Virgin Unite, itwas still a lot of money to spend.

I’ll never forget this moment however, sitting out by my pool and feeling the disappointment of again not going to Necker.

but it all changed in an instant. And all because of one word– Decision.

I decided in that moment that I was going to disregard my circumstances, and make a DECISION to go.  I decided right then and there, in a moment of stubborn defiance maybe, but I made the important decision that I was GOING. That’s it, one small simple change in thinking.

And then everything changed.

Then I asked myself a series of questions like “Ok, so what do I need to go?”

And it went a little bit like this…

A:  Well, I need $45,000…

Q:  How do I get $45,000?  A:  Well, I could make 45 sales at $1,000.

Q:  How do I do that?   A:  What if I bundle $7,000 worth of existing products, and have a special kind of sale?

Q:  Will that hurt future sales?  A:  No, because while we had established the value of these products and courses, they were largely not selling well anymore because everyone had had the chance to buy them already.

Q:  Ok, what else could I do?   A:  What if I put on a suit and tie, and recorded a video as the President of the company, and told people about this amazing ‘deal’ and that it was for charity (Virgin Unite), and we were only selling 45 of them.

To make a long story short… It worked.

And to show the power of Intentionality, we made 47 sales total. 2 cancelled, and I had my $45,000 to go spend a week on Necker Island with 19 other brilliant business minds including Dean Graziosi, Joe Polish, and Matt Mulliweg the founder of WordPress. (Oh, and it was a tax-free write-off too).

My memories include eating sushi in the pool off of a canoe, engaging Richard Branson over dinner about world health issues in Africa, the wild costume parties and camaraderie, island hopping to Mosquito Island to go cliff jumping, catching a ‘ride’ to shore with the boat captain for a very famous country singer at Jost Van Dyke, and even an impromptu wedding for one of our friends, where Richard was the ring-bearer.

And the biggest highlight of all, after the wedding we all proceeded to drink with Richard Branson, playing an English drinking game at one of the nearby bars on the island, which of course he won… And then convincing him to do a video ‘Selfie’ with me for my sister who was living in Paris at the time…

Such an amazing experience, that I almost missed out on.

And I would have missed out on, had I not made the DECISION to do it…

I made the decision, regardless of my present circumstances…

And then focused on the how.

The lesson:  So often in life, we talk ourselves out of things and think of all the reasons why we can’t… Whether it’s “I don’t have the time, freedom, or I don’t have money…”

When in truth, you don’t need the time, freedom, or money… because you haven’t decided you’re going to do it.

Make sense?

Once you make a decision you’re going to do something, then the ‘How’ becomes more easily apparent.

You stop focusing on the reason’s why you can’t… and start focusing on how you can.

And when you start asking the right questions, you start getting better answers.

And in this case, I was grateful not only for the life lesson learned but also for a truly life-changing experience and memorable getaway on which I formed some new amazing friends including one of my business heros Richard Branson.

Here are some pictures and video from this incredible week:

Boat Captain BransonBrett and Richard                Boat Captain Branson                                                                                                                                Me and RB

Dean Graziosi Island Hopping With RB                        Dean Graziosi                                                                                                                                    Island Hopping

Jost Van Dyke Magic Island Style                           Jost Van Dyke                                                                                                                            Island Entertainment

Necker Island Pool Bar #2                           Necker Views                                                                                                                             Pool Views on Necker

Pool Beach

Sailboat JVD           Pool Views and Hammock                                                                                                                    Kenny Chesney’s Boat

Pool Sushi







Pool Sushi

The Big House at Necker






Boating and the Big House