If you would like help positioning your product or company for investors for maximum interest or for help with your pitch deck, schedule a call with me below.

Angel Investor

Brett has invested in various startups from financial trading market software to celebrity memorabilia, to a natural magnet based anti-smoking product that was featured in SkyMall and carried in CVS / Wallgreens.

He has been on private ‘Shark Tank’ panels to review and critique other aspiring entrepreneurs with Kevin Harrington an original ‘Shark’ from the hit TV show Shark Tank and is an expert in high growth strategies.

His insights as an experienced entrepreneur can help you in the following ways.

  • Help clarify your idea and create a compelling pitch in the eyes of potential investors and customers.


  • Help position your startup company in the best possible light for an investor to back your idea.


  • Help avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls when presenting to an Angel or Angel group.


  • Help find alternative ways to raise money including crowdfunding strategies under the JOBS Act.
“Whether to Raise Investor Capital
Or Not is Sometimes the Biggest Question”

Real Estate Investor

I have been a real-estate investor with 20 yrs experience in investing in single-family homes and renovating them for resale. He currently co-manages a family commercial property portfolio in the Washington D.C. area as well as business tenant leasing, marketing and communications.

I also work with select real-estate companies looking to grow their customer leads and sales online, using proven online marketing strategies and ‘What’s working now’.¬†

For help with any of the above, including creative ‘offline’ marketing strategies for commercial business tenants, schedule a call below for more information.

“Real Estate Has Always Been a Source
of Wealth¬†and Great Opportunity”